About Us

Today, computers have changed our lives dramatically. whether it is the international cricket match, or your favorite TV serial on prime time, or your morning newspaper, computers have a crucial role to play in our everyday life. The growth of a nation is to sharpen our skills and master new technologies. So, there must be vital role to play for Quality computer Education by the quality IT Education providing organizations of our country.

Presently the Information Technology touches its peak… The total world is globalized through computerization . Each and every phase of life is categorized through the development of this technology. Today, with the advent of E-mail & Internet, information retrieval  has com down with in the snap of fingerprints. computers have changed information processing in a dramatic way.

The education scenario is undergoing a sea change and the international scenario is escalating and making more opportunities available to students who are interested in pursuing their ambitions of a degree. In spite of these changes, one thing has not changed, the commitment and enthusiasm of educationists like us to make these dreams as realistic as possible.

Education should not only be viewed as challenge, but also as an opportunity. To make this opportunity available and accessible to a large of career aspirants who have left their education due to their personal or any reason and now have realized and wants to achieve it. We have designed course syllabus balancing with the today’s working equipment. Our courses are the best to our knowledge with best certification so that our students can pierce the competitive market.

In today’s dynamic world , change is the mantra and managing the change has become vital. In order to sustain in this competitive world it has become important to choose right career.

The objective of this organization is to enable individuals & enterprises nationwide to achieve greater success by providing knowledge, skill, solutions and services through pioneering efforts and usage of appropriate technology at a very affordable cost. The fees collected is being low, will help the economically backward as well as organized sector of urban and rural areas respectively.

Aims are a leading IT education institute building skilled of manpower for global industry which was setup in 2005.